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Posted on 16th Sep at 5:33 PM

Ascots are neat.  Out of ideas.  I have a cute bookshelf and I brag about it.  There are d&d miniatures on it.  The words are so much more off putting than the image.  No one should be presenting it this way. Nothing to see here they say.  Rat men with daggers.  Wargs.  A thief or too.  And of course the ubiquitous creepy molesting wizard.  They guard the lowest shelf from intruders.  The pokemon games are on the middle shelf along with an old camera that doesn’t work.  The third and top shelf is just books.  The books are kinda just for show.  The biggest is Sylvia Plath lol.  Eh but not really I actually do like which really really bad.  Being big baby whahahahahaha can’t do this anymore so dumb You should never how badly I’ve failed at life :)

Posted on 16th Sep at 5:04 PM

Yeah I’m making a project sue me.  At least I’m doing something.  It’s easy to make the stupid project.  Why do women hate it when you make things? Or maybe they like it.  No clue anymore.

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untitled - Frederico Pellachin

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